Nikky Corker

Nikky Corker Painting has been a huge part of my life for as long as can remember and remains my passion. There are very few days in which I don’t make some kind of painting or sketch and every morning I plan my day through a series of doodles whilst eating my porridge. Even my shopping lists are illustrated! Before my children learned to read we would see the mundane chore of food shopping as an adventurous treasure hunt identifying items through pictures and hunting out each one and colouring them in as we found them. It took some time to do the shopping but it was always so much more fun. My years at Cheltenham Art College studying traditional as well as contemporary methods and mediums have allowed me to develop a style that is now recognised as my own. I am thrilled to find that the fun I have making my paintings is conveyed to those who look upon it. To be able to create something that makes other people smile and feel uplifted is a privilege which I am grateful for. My work reflects my attitude to life, look for the humour and share the fun. I take my sketch book with me wherever I go and record the simplest of things. My harbour scenes are made up from sketches of individual houses or boats that I then cobble together in a little world of my own. A place of simple pleasures, of smiles and sunshine where cottages and animals communicate through body language as well as the little peopleöp-Sildenafil-Citrate-Östersund-(Frösön-Air-Base)
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